About Us

Technological Innovation

BB-Leisger International is a German company based in Hannover. The company’s main focus is to develop advanced technologies in order to make the daily use of electric vehicles practical, cost-effective and comfortable for the customer.

The development departments are located in Germany. The company-owned factory, which is under German management, is located in Zhangjiagang near Suzhou and Shanghai.

Own Designed & Engineered

Leisger E-Bike is one of the few companies that provide an e-bike with its own R&D the controller and motor. It sets up electric vehicle research team composed of senior technicians to be responsible for development of new products specially.

Electric bikes are hitting the streets as a new mode of fun and reliable transportation. Cool and quiet.

Cloud management

Cloud management is using cloud computing technology and other related technology, through the centralized management system to establish the perfect data system and the information sharing mechanism.

Leisger complete the online order and submit work through suppliers platform & customers platform, by generating the S/N code and GTIN code to manage the production sales and after-sales key information of each link, implement supplier factories - warehouse - consumers - after step with the whole information, real-time monitoring of procurement, production, sales, logistics, and after each process, greatly improve the working efficiency.